Open Road Media Romance #ad - And her disturbed aunt is lost in a fantasy world, desperate to be rescued. This ebook features an illustrated biography of Phyllis A. Still carrying the scars of her past, she’s determined to solve the mysteries behind the bad blood that has divided her family. Whitney including rare images from the author’s estate.

Hailed by mary higgins clark as “a superb and gifted story teller, and a master of suspense, ” Phyllis A. The secrets in this deceptive hall of mirrors run deeper and darker than she imagined.    . She faces her embittered grandmother, a manipulative tyrant to be feared and never crossed. But, like old memories, Malinda is not welcome at Silverhill.

Silverhill #ad - From a new york times–bestselling author: A woman risks her life to piece together the puzzling past of her estranged New England family. Malinda finds solace with the handsome family doctor, whom she discovers is the only person she can trust, however guarded. Now, twisted memories, while seeking the truth in a mansion haunted by lies, and ruined lives, she must also fight for her sanity—and her life.

After decades away, malinda rice returns to the New Hampshire estate of Silverhill to make sure her departed mother is buried in her rightful place in the family plot. Whitney is a recipient of the Mystery Writers of America Grand Master Award for Lifetime Achievement.


The Golden Unicorn

Open Road Media Romance #ad - This ebook features an illustrated biography of Phyllis A. But the more courtney discovers, the more she has to fear—because hers is a legacy of murder that has yet to play its final hand.  . The only clues to her past are a golden unicorn pendant she’s had all her life and a tattered newspaper clipping about an artist who hailed from one of the most prominent yet reclusive East Hampton families.

Whitney including rare images from the author’s estate. She was mysteriously abandoned when she was just an infant, and she never knew the truth about her biological parents. When her adoptive parents die in a train crash in Italy, writer Courtney Marsh becomes more determined than ever to find her roots.

Only the handsome son-in-law of the rhodes clan, whose marriage is on the rocks, is particularly forthcoming—especially as he grows more intimately fond of the lovely and inquisitive young guest. The golden unicorn is a novel of buried family secrets in the New York art world from “a superb and gifted storyteller” Mary Higgins Clark.

The Golden Unicorn #ad - Now, under the guise of a reporter, Courtney has arrived at the Rhodes’s mansion on the dunes. She may be uncertain of her heritage, but she’s as sure as the bracing ocean winds that this family is hiding something. From a new york times–bestselling author: A young woman’s search for her biological parents uncovers a secret history of murder and conspiracy.


Blue Fire

Open Road Media Romance #ad -    . A bride is swept up in family secrets and the blood diamond trade when she returns to South Africa in this novel by a New York Times–bestselling author. But she’ll discover the truth as this intimate family reunion raises grave and troubling new questions. Now, with a new perspective, she sees a country destroyed by apartheid.

When chicagoan susan hohenfield brings her new husband, to her childhood home in Cape Town, Dirk, it’s with the innocence of a young girl. She remembers only the beauty of South Africa—and the pain of being abandoned by her father. At least that’s the story Susan has been told. It was written nearly three decades before the dismantling of apartheid and a half-century before the film Blood Diamond would bring attention to the devastating effects of the smuggling trade.

Blue Fire #ad - This ebook features an illustrated biography of Phyllis A. Whitney including rare images from the author’s estate. And her father, seems not the ogre she imagined, once accused of diamond smuggling, but a broken man powerless against the prison term that wrenched him from his daughter’s arms. More than a classic gothic tale, Blue Fire is one of the first novels to deal with the turmoil in South Africa.

Why is the man responsible for her father’s fate still lingering in the shadows? why has Dirk’s former lover arrived with threats and incriminations? And why does Susan feel like a stranger in her own home? Now, in a place that is at once strange and familiar, charged with fear and intrigue, Susan must confront a dangerous past that isn’t quite through with her.


Black Amber

Open Road Media Romance #ad - And as each new clue leads tracy closer to Miles, a man she has come to both love and fear, she realizes she could be heading toward the same inevitable and chilling fate. Somewhere, among the conspiratorial staff, and cold dark corridors, nocturnal visits from furtive strangers, is hidden the mystery of Anabel’s death.

Everything tracy has heard about the man turns out to be true: He’s brooding, handsome, short-tempered, brilliant, and loath to discuss the tragic secrets of his past.    . This ebook features an illustrated biography of Phyllis A. Whitney was the recipient of the Mystery Writers of America Grand Master Award for lifetime achievement.

Black Amber #ad - A manhattan editor investigates her sister’s suspicious death in Istanbul in this novel by the New York Times–bestselling “queen of the American gothics” TheNew York Times. Tracy’s position at the villa is a charade. She’s come to assist celebrated artist Miles Radburn with his new book on the history of Turkish art.

It was here, that her sister, six months ago, Anabel, spent the last days of her life. But the young editor is keeping a secret of her own.  .  .


The Glass Flame

Open Road Media Romance #ad - A new york times–bestselling author and recipient of the Edgar and Agatha Awards, and always will be, “Phyllis Whitney is, the Grand Master of her craft” Barbara Michaels. This ebook features an illustrated biography of Phyllis A.    . A man’s death in the smoky mountains raises the suspicions of his estranged wife in this suspenseful novel by a New York Times–bestselling author.

Instead, she is drawn into a tangled and deadly web of disputed fortune, conspiracy, adultery, family jealousy, and murder. Whitney including rare images from the author’s estate. Vietnam veteran david hallam is in tennessee working as an arson investigator for an insurance company when he sends his wife, an unnerving note: “If anything happens to me down here, Karen, don’t let it pass as an accident .

The Glass Flame #ad -  .  . Ten days later, he dies in a fire and the only thing Karen can feel is guilt—for all the years she wasted in an unsalvageable marriage and for the relief she feels at finally having the sadistic and abusive man out of her life. But despite all that transpired between them, Karen leaves New York City for Belle Isle, in the heart of the Smoky Mountains, to bury her husband.

Once there, karen can finally put the past to rest—or so she thinks.


The Moonflower

Open Road Media Romance #ad - Confidently awaiting word to join him, she is blindsided when she receives a letter demanding divorce. When jerome talbot’s brilliant career as an atomic physicist leads him once again to Japan, Marcia, his wife, knows it means yet another long separation, but she hopes to reunite with him soon. But when marcia arrives, she can’t be sure of anything.

 .  . This ebook features an illustrated biography of Phyllis A. Jerome has become a stranger—obsessed, unhinged, and resolved never to return home—committed only to his work, cruel, which reaches back to World War II. Whitney including rare images from the author’s estate.    . A “brilliant, as well as a chilling tale of guilt, absorbing, multiple award–winning author—who was herself born in Yokohama—The Moonflower is an authentic exploration of life in postwar Japan, and moving” novel of romantic suspense by a New York Times–bestselling, family secrets, and a marriage at risk in the never-forgotten shadow of Hiroshima Richmond Times-Dispatch.

Stunned and hurt, she leaves their home in Hawaii to confront Jerome in Kyoto, certain she’ll get an explanation to heal her wounded heart. Even more peculiar, he’s living in unusual intimacy with a a close-knit, unnervingly private Japanese family whom Marcia is forbidden to talk to and to whom Jerome seems not only beholden, but enslaved.

The Moonflower #ad - Marcia resolves to stay in kyoto until she discovers the secret driving her husband mad—and the truth behind a terrible legacy that could threaten both their lives. The wife of a scientist fights for her marriage—and her husband’s sanity—in postwar Japan in this novel by “a superb and gifted story teller” Mary Higgins Clark.


Lost Island

Open Road Media Romance #ad - Once lacey arrives, she realizes how little has changed. From a new york times–bestselling author: An island off the Georgia coast holds the memory of a broken heart and the secrets of a woman’s past. It’s been years since lacey ames last saw hampton island, where she grew up amid the sandy marshes with her childhood sweetheart, Giles Severn, and her cousin Elise—and where Elise had stolen the man Lacey loved.

Giles is still the handsome charmer she fell in love with, and Elise is still the wily seductress whose succession of lovers has risked a family scandal. But when a series of anonymous harmless pranks turns threatening, Lacey must finally confront the past—and a decade-old secret from one haunting summer at Sea Oaks.

Lost Island #ad - Lacey never forgot the hurt and betrayal she once suffered at Giles’s grand family home of Sea Oaks, but a curious and compelling summons from Elise prompts her return. This ebook features an illustrated biography of Phyllis A. Whitney including rare images from the author’s estate.  .



Open Road Media Romance #ad - But soon after arriving, hollis hears the haunting strings of Ricky’s guitar serenading her from the dark and distant voices singing the love song she wrote for him. This ebook features an illustrated biography of Phyllis A. In the wake of the shocking suicide of popular singer Ricky Sands, Hollis Temple, his wife and professional partner, wants only to escape the notoriety—and the relentless questions she can’t even begin to answer.

In this novel of mystery and romance, Edgar Award winner Phyllis A. Whitney “drums up suspense at a delightfully frantic pace. For hollis, these refrains aren’t bringing back cherished memories; they’re filling her with fear. Old fans—and new ones—can dig in with total confidence” Kirkus Reviews.

Rainsong #ad - Rescued from the press by family friend Alan Gordon, Hollis leaves Manhattan for Cold Spring Harbor on Long Island’s North Shore.  . In a secluded home on long island, a musician’s mysterious suicide haunts his terrified wife, in this novel by a New York Times–bestselling author. Could alan and geneva could be playing mind games? to find out why they’d want to twist her sanctuary into an inescapable trap, Hollis must delve into the secrets of her husband and her hosts—before the melodies of the past reach their terrifying crescendo.

In windtop, the secluded country home of celebrated pianist Geneva Ames, Hollis hopes to come to terms with the tragedy that has changed her life. Whitney including rare images from the author’s estate.


Rainbow in the Mist

Open Road Media Romance #ad - This ebook features an illustrated biography of Phyllis A. New york times–bestselling and Edgar Award–winning author Phyllis A.  . Too many shallow graves. But christy is soon drawn back into a world of terrifying visions—those of a female hiker who died under suspicious circumstances and an ethereal beauty named Deirdre who vanished into the mountain mist.

If there’s a link between the two mysteries, Christy will find it—if she’s not afraid to look deeper. So she’s fled to the peaceful foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains to stay with her aunt Nona. Whitney including rare images from the author’s estate. It’s a legacy Christy Loren never wanted. Warned by her mother’s eerie premonitions, threatened by strangers, and aided by Deirdre’s tormented and attractive husband, Christy is beginning to see things no one else can.

Rainbow in the Mist #ad - The unwitting inheritor of her mother’s psychic gifts, the Long Island librarian assists in police investigations, but they’ve become too hard for her to bear. Too many victims. Whitney “piles on the suspense” in this novel of superstition, second-sight, and uncanny romantic tension Publishers Weekly.

A psychic investigates a mysterious disappearance high in the Appalachian Mountains in this novel from a “Grand Master of her craft” Barbara Michaels.


Star Flight

Open Road Media Romance #ad - New york times–bestselling and Edgar Award–winning author Phyllis A. Lauren’s husband held the most closely guarded secret of all: She is Victoria’s granddaughter. Only one other person knew her secret, Gordon Heath, the couple’s close friend, whom Lauren is inexplicably drawn to. A movie star’s suicide draws a young woman into the deadly shadows of a Hollywood scandal in this novel from “a master of suspense” Mary Higgins Clark.

More than fifty years ago, victoria frazer and Roger Brandt were the most popular stars of the silver screen—until a notorious and tragic love affair on set in the Appalachians destroyed their lives. It was there, at the foot of rumbling bald mountain in Lake Lure, where Victoria drowned herself, North Carolina, and where Roger would remain—drifting into obscurity as a tortured recluse.

Star Flight #ad - Now, screenwriter lauren castle has arrived at a Lake Lure resort in the wake of a more recent tragedy: the suspicious death of her husband, a half-century later, a documentary filmmaker who was investigating the legendary Hollywood scandal.    . Whitney including rare images from the author’s estate.

Whitney “is, and always will be, the Grand Master of her craft” Barbara Michaels. This ebook features an illustrated biography of Phyllis A. Now she must solve a mystery that links two generations, has claimed more than one victim, and has yet to reach its deadly and final fade-out.


Skye Cameron

Open Road Media Romance #ad - From a new york times–bestselling author: In New Orleans, a young woman uncovers a family conspiracy only to find solace in a man with a dangerous past. Justin law’s scandalous reputation doesn’t stop her from developing feelings for the intense and determined stranger. But as soon as skye sets foot in her uncle robert’s dark, latticed mansion in the French Quarter—one ruled by a suspicious quadroon housekeeper—she begins to fear her homecoming is not what it seems.

Whitney including rare images from the author’s estate. Feeling more outsider than family, comfort, Skye finally finds love, and trust in a man who both provokes and excites her. Whitney once again proves why she is “the Queen of the American gothics” The New York Times. With this novel, Edgar Award–winning author Phyllis A.

Skye Cameron #ad -      . This ebook features an illustrated biography of Phyllis A. Now, from the vieux carré to the garden District, Skye must navigate the darkest corners of New Orleans—a pawn in a dangerous game designed to destroy her. In the wake of her father’s death, with finances dwindling, Louise has accepted an invitation to return to her family home in New Orleans and start fresh.

In nineteenth-century new england, flame-haired skye cameron was proud to be named for the misty island in the Scottish Hebrides where her father had been born—but it was the Creole heritage of her seductive mother, Louise, that would determine her destiny.